QIV Global, a new generation company in quality and safety. We understood, a paradigm shift is going to be taken place in the industries which will be a big challenge for everyone reshaping them in transformation and keep pace with globalization.
Our experts are deeply monitoring this shifting and are ready make parallelly a positive undulation for the sake of sustainable planet.
The company provides Inspection, Assessment, Audit and Certification Services. Our step started from United Kingdom in 2019 along with a expertise network of 4 major destinations of apparel industry (United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India & Myanmar), which is now  expanded to 14 major destination in the globe through innovative initiatives that anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.
Our combination of expertise, experienced and dedicated team serve to the customer every day 24/7. With a strong connectivity base, we’re the hub of safety and quality arena.
We, QIV Global, not only find the quality deviation, but also guide, implement and monitor the progress.